Helping people rediscover their wings

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Elevate You is a non-profit organization that works to alleviate trauma and reduce recidivism within the currently and formerly incarcerated community.


It has nearly a 100% success rate in assisting individuals obtain employment to secure financial stability through resume development and design, employment guidance, and job interview training.


Through written correspondence, Elevate You provides mentorship as well as resources upon request for housing, employment, legal services, immigration, higher education, self-help courses, healing trauma, and federal policies.

Doctor's Desk


Development & Design

A checklist of information to provide is sent to the incarcerated upon request. Up to five hours is spent designing, inputting the information provided, enhancing the wording and aligning the overall resume to fit to their dream job.

Blank Envelopes


Support for Board of Parole Hearings

Official letters of support are specifically tailored to attest to the growth of the individual since incarceration and advocate for their parole. A copy is then sent to the Board of Parole office and the individual. Assistance in the preparation of their parole packets is also provided.

Neat Desk


Research & Resources

Resources to facilitate a smoother re-entry and assistance during incarceration are provided. Specific requests for research by the incarcerated is also conducted.